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The Park Club


Member Benefits

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  • All memberships extend dining and facility privileges to member spouses
  • Full voting privileges per membership*
  • Reciprocal privileges to fine clubs internationally and in most major U.S cities*
  • Private rooms available for private dining, banquets, and meeting rooms
  • Complimentary parking in the Club’s convenient lot when dining, as well as discounted monthly parking rentals
  • Monthly itemized billing for ease of record-keeping
  • Catering, take-out, and free downtown delivery
  • Custom menu and meal preparation
  • Access to special cultural and local entertainment packages such as theatre, symphony, jazz nights, wine tastings, holiday dinners, and weekly happy hour
  • Open holidays: Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve (special hours may apply)
*excludes Patron of the Arts Membership

Membership Categories

Resident Membership $150 (initiation fee $500)
Member’s primary residence or place of employment is within a 20-mile radius of The Park Club

Associate Resident Membership $65 (initiation fee $200)

Members age 35 and under

Intermediate Resident Membership $90 (initiation fee $200)
Members age 36-42

Non-Resident Membership $65 (initiation fee $200)
Live and work outside the 20-mile radius

Patron of the Arts Membership $65 (initiation fee $200)
Evening and banquet dining only

Clergy Membership $65 (initiation fee $200)
Restricted to clergy only

Small Organizational Membership $40 (initiation fee $500)
(in addition to a monthly organizational fee) Group rates for organizations with at least two memberships and limited to 12

Large Organizational Membership $55 (initiation fee $1,000)
Excellent group rates for organizations with 10 or more memberships.